Friday, May 30, 2008

- The NY Times reports on a "miracle fruit" that "rewires the way the palate perceives sour flavors for an hour or so, rendering lemons as sweet as candy." I don't know, I think I'd be scared to try this.

- In another Times article, David Byrne outfits an abandoned building with an "architectural organ":
Besides being fitted with several motors, which produce the bass sounds by vibrating a set of girders that once supported a stained-glass skylight in the 40-foot-high ceiling, the organ is attached to a pump that blows air through a tangle of hoses. These hoses snake into the huge room’s old water and heating pipes and conduits, making primitive flute sounds. And then there are more than a dozen spring-loaded solenoids, attached like woodpeckers to the columns and even to a linebacker-size radiator that emits a surprisingly sonorous tone when struck in just the right place with a metal rod.
There's a video of it with the article. Way cool and makes me wish I were a New Yorker so I could go see it.

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