Saturday, June 07, 2008

Contact lenses

For a week I have been trying out contact lenses. I briefly wore contact lenses seven years ago but I stopped wearing them for reasons I only vaguely remember. This week I remembered the reason: because they irritate the hell out of my eyes. They don't hurt, really, they just dry out my eyes a lot. I've gotten more used to wearing them in the past few days, so I can wear them for about three or four hours now, but then I take them out and there is such relief to go back to wearing my glasses.

I admit I like the way I look without glasses, but is it worth the discomfort? With all the cleaning with solution and application of eye drops, contacts are just as bothersome as glasses, plus there's the irritation of having plastic in your eyes all day. I don't know how people get used to it. I think I'm giving up on contact lenses. Maybe LASIK is the answer, someday when I can afford it? I don't know.

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