Saturday, August 09, 2008

Along with a few billion others, I watched the Olympics opening ceremonies last night. Honestly, has there ever been a more spectacular event? I couldn't believe how well-choreographed it was. I asked my mom, who watched it with me, Do you think the U.S. could pull off something like this? We both said no.

I've decided to stay home this weekend. Tonight I'm trying out a new recipe. Brownies for dessert.

I'll probably spend some more time reading. I've gone on a book-reading binge lately, mostly because on weekdays I get home from work and I usually want to unplug from TV and technology and news. Reading books fits the bill. Current reading agenda: The Gum Thief, Eclipse, and The Book of My Life by Sister Teresa of Avila.


La Brown Girl said...

The Globe thing with the people walking around it was really cool. I do have to admit though, I fell asleep through a lot of it.

I did wake up for the Parade of Nations which is my favorite part. I was really annoyed by some of the commentary like the critique of peoples' clothes or how some olympians should go home because they have no chance.

Annette said...

Yeah, I was annoyed by that, too. They need to get some commentators with more cultural sensitivity.

La Traductora said...

The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing were beyond beautiful. Matchless artisty--not a surprise given that theirs is an ancient culture that values art even in everyday living. I was astounded that the moving boxes contained people--not automated!