Sunday, October 12, 2008

A home is born

Despite all the turmoil with the housing market (which I don't quite understand), there are still a lot of new houses being built in my neighborhood.

I've gotten very familiar with the steps over the past eight months: first the gas and water lines are set, then the foundation is poured, then the wooden beams that form the house's structure are hammered together, then the insulation goes up. The grey stucco phase after that. At last the house is painted a pale earth tone color and a "For Sale" sign is planted in front.

I really do think houses have souls of their own, even incomplete ones. There's a sort of presence at construction sites that I can't explain.

The digging starts

A foundation is poured. Life officially begins.

Just like toothpicks

One day this will be the view from someone's living room. Nice.

I wonder if many people know this guy appears dozens of times inside the walls of their homes?

Reminds me of a cyborg

Grey and shabby

A paint job can do wonders

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