Sunday, September 27, 2009

- Saw a horror movie last night called Food, Inc. OK, it's actually a documentary about how food is produced in America. It's truly astonishing how much power the food companies wield. It's not too gross as far as showing animal abuse but it is frightening.

- Article in TIME about getting paid to tweet. Reminds me of when it was the new thing to put ads on your blog. Says one woman interviewed for the article: "'I do understand the arguments against Sponsored Tweets,' says Dance, the Tennessee blogger, who plans to take fuller advantage of the service (she won't disclose her price). 'But ... there's nothing subversive about it. It's just a little payback for the four years of my life I've invested in my blog.'" I would have to disagree...


livingelpaso said...

I was going to go see that with my fiance but ended up not being able to make it...will it play again??

Will it turn me into a vegan?

Annette said...

It won't turn you into a vegan but it will make you buy organic foods.

I'm not sure when/if it will play again. Best bet is to wait until it comes out on DVD.