Monday, August 02, 2010

- I'm trying to decide if I should shell out the money for Microsoft Office since my trial version is about to expire. I downloaded OpenOffice and it seems to work pretty well. I think I could live without Microsoft Word, but I do want to have PowerPoint around just in case I ever have to do a presentation. But how often does that happen?

- I'm unusually happy for a Monday night since I don't have to work tomorrow. Two days off, one day working, two more days off. Now there's a schedule. Maybe I can write another post tomorrow instead of being a blog slacker?


Stuart Ian Burns said...

My advice would be to decide what you want from Office.

I'm still using Office *2000* and it does everything I need it to. I expect you could pick up a second hand copy of that very cheaply.

Plus it's far easier to navigate than the ribbon affair that clogs up the newest version.

Ken said...

Have you checked the free online version of Office?