Thursday, January 27, 2011

One more day of work, I think I can make it. I spent my lunchtime walking around downtown, as I sometimes do. I went to San Jacinto Plaza specifically to see the new monument to presidents Taft and Diaz meeting in El Paso. I like to see the Mills Building and the progress of the big parking garage. Things are happening downtown, that is exciting.

I sometimes wonder if there's anything that makes me interesting anymore. Hence the walks downtown and the reading of books at my lunch hour. Trying to put the interesting-ness back into my life.


NewMexiKen said...

You are interesting, even your introspection.

But it is also interesting when you write more about what you see, the city where you live, the movies you've seen, the books you've read, the latest from Time Magazine — all things that have kept me coming back to your Notebook for nearly seven years.

Annette said...