Thursday, March 17, 2011

Healthy Bite

I went to Healthy Bite for lunch today. The good thing about Healthy Bite is that they don't serve you too much food. I tried to count the number of bites in my gyro sandwich. About ten. It was a good sandwich -- tasty, filling, and not slathered in grease.

Still, the "side item" was a pickle, and after finishing the gyro I found myself wanting that pickle to be a side of potato salad or chips. But of course, that wouldn't be healthy.

Ah, Healthy Bite, thank you for not forcing me to wreck my diet.

On another occasion, I ordered a sandwich and they brought me a side of baby carrots with some tzatziki sauce on the side. That might have been nice here, too, though the sauce was in the sandwich this time so maybe not.

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