Saturday, May 04, 2013

Random blog links

So I've gotten back in the blog-reading habit recently. Some gems:

From Ben Casnocha: "Wise people seem to know this: when bad shit happens to you, experience it. Don’t run from it. Don’t run from grief or pain or suffering. Accept it. Observe it. And then observe it leave your body, over time."

From Undefined Value:
Your chance of being killed by a terrorist or a mass shooter or an airplane crash or flesh-eating bacteria or a meteor is almost equal to zero. These events are reported on the news because they practically never happen.

It is silly to worry about terrorists and mass shooters if you are using your mobile phone while driving, or are eating a lot of fast food. The latter activities might kill you; the former just don't happen often enough for any reasonable person to worry about them.

On a lighter note, the Living El Paso blog has had an string of interesting posts. I liked the photo and review of Hello Day CafĂ©, my new favorite lunch spot.

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