Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

My mom loves Valentine's Day. Every year she gives me a gift--usually a card and some candy, sometimes jewelry. This morning I saw she left me a pretty blue soda fountain glass full of Hershey's chocolates and a card. Aw, my mom is so sweet. My mom is of the school of thought where Valentine's Day is for everyone. It's for family and friends, classmates, co-workers. She has a very generous way of thinking.

And then there's me. I'm pretty sour on holidays in general, but this one in particular. I think Valentine's Day is for one set of people only (lovers), and not belonging to that set, why should I celebrate? I buy all those conspiracy theories about Valentine's Day being made up by candy and jewelry companies. Yeah, I'm cynical.

But not that cynical, at least not this year. Not to seem ungrateful, last night after she had gone to bed, I set out a dozen pink roses and a giant Valentine's Day card for my mother. Since a day can mean different things to different people. And Mom always deserves flowers :-).

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