Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some things I scribbled down in my journal last night:

Maybe what is lacking is a way to express myself, truly. If I could just have one moment of honesty with the world I would be happy. For that moment, anyway.

I think if one person could just see me for who I really am and see some goodness there I would be happy.


Jaime "Jimmy" Portillo said...

I looked at David's post on Hell Paso and I just noticed you left a comment waaaay back in May. :( Sorry for the last response. I didn't go to the Neon Music festival, though. You can contact me at jimmydazecomics@hotmail or find me at if you'd like. Thanks and sorry once again.

Annette said...

Actually I meant the comment for David, but thanks for the response. The Hell Paso series looks really cool.