Sunday, April 22, 2007

Moved away

So strange when someone moves away, you expect her to come into the room any second the way she used to, like nothing has changed, like she isn't thousands of miles away.

This isn't like going back to college. I don't know when I'll see her again. Has it really been nearly a year since she moved back home? This was most likely the last year we'll ever live under the same roof. I'll miss watching Conan and The Office and debating about our lists of most-hated celebrities. I'll miss finding her asleep on the couch when I get home from work. I'll miss our conversations driving to and from church every Sunday, listening to country and rating the pastor's sermons. She always made me laugh.

My sister is one of the least sentimental people I know so I won't go on and get all melodramatic, just say that I'm going to miss her much more than she knows.

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