Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday night

I've been so swamped lately. I crave down time like chocolate. A moment that is purely unscheduled, time to go to a coffee shop and sit around for an hour. Coffee shop time didn't happen this week.

I'm now eating sugar again and in some ways it is fantastic, but my tummy fat is, um, growing back. I catch myself eating for comfort at the end of a long day. I dove into a Dove bar last week and it tasted fantastic. At least now I can stop at half a large bar. I have also made banana bread and can actually eat a slice myself. Eh, but I've been trying to put a lid on the comfort food. I think life is pretty pathetic when the highlight of a day is eating a chocolate bar or drinking a Frappuccino.

I think the same rule of problem drinking applies with eating -- if you're eating desserts alone you would probably be better off not doing it. Chocolate cake on a special occasion, not to numb yourself after a long day at work.

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