Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Notes from the cold

- 7 degrees today. WHOA, THAT IS COLD. Cold even by northern standards.
- My car's engine hesitated in a scary way I've never heard before it started up.
- Slow ride to work this morning. I occasionally got slightly tripped up on ice at stoplights but my car didn't go into a tailspin at any point, thank God.
- Just want to remind some drivers: a stoplight that has stopped working means you treat it like a four-way stop NOT drive right through like it's green.
- Rolling blackouts are not fun.
- I don't know when I've seen this town so deserted at 5 p.m. The drive home during the usual rush hour seemed more like a drive home at midnight.
- This weather makes me appreciate creature comforts. Electricity is the life-blood of our comfortable lives - cable TV, thermostat-controlled heat, refrigerated food, the Internet, microwaves, hair dryers. I miss that stuff when it's gone.
- 7 degree weather + no electricity = dangerous combination.

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